After several years of conducting contract accounting and audit work through third parties, Dan Gaffney, CPA, decided there had to be a better way to directly connect temporary contractors and employers; allowing contractors to take control of their career by earning their value, and employers to save money by contracting higher quality, fully skilled talent, reducing turnover and ensuring a team meets budgets and deadlines. Moreover, he could provide insurance that employers require of contractors. 

Today, VouchedIn is the premier online resource for customized matchmaking of professionals and employers. It is the only seamless contracting service offering competitive and affordable rates.

Contractors in the VouchedIn network have been thoroughly screened, allowing companies to hire with confidence, and eliminate the need for costly third-party temporary staffing agencies. There is no cost to contractors or companies to join VouchedIn, and there is complete transparency in payment rates. Minimal overhead and streamlined processes enable VouchedIn to provide a market-driven tool that increases the bargaining power of contractors and employers alike.

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